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Connection Guide!

Follow the steps to connect to our server!

2) Download our custom client

A custom client is only needed to view custom content, if this is not applicable skip this step.

Custom EXE's

Place these files inside of your client folder, rename .build.info to .build.info.old
When launching the game always use the new .EXE files, first startup may take some time while data downloads

3) Change logon server

Once the client has downloaded, locate the config.WTF file inside of the WTF folder.

Open this file with a text editor, locate the line starting with "SET portal"

Change this line to read SET portal "LOGON SERVER FOR REALM OF YOUR CHOICE"

Save and close

4) Log In!

Now run the client (making sure to use the correct .exe if custom client is installed) enter your email and password and you're good to go!